Most of us can see the problem, understand the problem and know the solution to that problem but very few of us take the actions needed to solve that problem.

The smoker who knows smoking is very bad for their health and understands all the possible nightmare health problems smoking can cause thinks because they are aware of the dangers of smoking they are on their way to stop smoking. This thinking and belief system is killing them slowly because they continue to smoke and rationalize that they know the answers and will apply them soon but not today,  maybe tomorrow,  maybe next week, or when I’m less stressed out etc.

This thinking is the same for the person who has a problem with their weight, drugs, Alcohol or just a me problem. It is the never ending wheel that is powered by our rationalizations, justifications, excuses and just plain laziness.

All those years ago Aesop knew, now you know. What are you going to do about it?