I was at a recent memorial for a good friend of mine who passed away this month. He had an equal measure of charm, nastiness, love, anger and true caring for others. He was an addict in recovery who had Cancer and got addicted to opiates once again and started to push us away until he fell away from the fellowship. I can see clearly that like many of us, his childhood and upbringing still negatively affected his adult years and how he looked at this world. This is the reason many of us started on the road of substance abuse and addiction, trying to get away from childhood pain, loneliness and heartache. We all walk down different roads, sometimes running away from the earliest memories of our childhood and the struggles of growing up. If we’re lucky (blessed), we discover different ways not to bring the baggage of our past into our present life but it is a continuing struggle for most of us.

 My friend was never able to escape from his past until now. May he rest in peace.