There is a big difference between the life you are given in residential treatment and the life you lead once you leave.

Imagine the addict is a big talking plant and in their active addiction they have become withered, shriveled up with all their flowers dying. When this same plant leaves residential treatment it looks healthy and vital again with its flowers starting to bloom. Everyone is so thrilled to see the plant they love look so good, standing so straight and saying all the right things. The one thing the family and loved ones don’t understand is the soil in treatment is totally different than the soil the plant has to live in once out of treatment. If you were Superman and were able to look through the soil the plant is standing in you would see this healthy looking plant has roots only 2 inches deep and when the storms of life come and they always come, this plant is washed away (relapses).

All the family and loved ones are shocked when they see this once healthy plant get washed away. The expectations of everyone comes crashing down and are left wondering how could this happen?

The roots of the addict can only grow deep in the soil of recovery not the soil of residential treatment.

This is the sad truth in thinking the soils are the same.