Where there is sorrow, there is holy ground. – Oscar Wilde

This is a meditation on the sacred groud of grief and the ways it enables us to walk in this world with it’s realities of loss and death,how it shakes us and breaks us open to the depths of soul we could not imagine. We are made real and tangible by the experience of sorrow; as it adds substance and weight to our world

Beyond the crazed hunger in our culture to be exceptional, loss and sorrow wear away whatever masks we attempt to present to the world. Like the massive stone carvings in the jungles of Central America that now lie broken on the forest floor, the monuments we erect to our own importance collapse. We are stripped of excess and revealed as human in our times of grief. Grief ripens us, pulls up from the depth of our souls what is most authentic in our beings.

In truth, without some familiarity with sorrow, we do not mature as men and women. It is the broken heart, the part that knows sorrow, that is capable of genuine love. The heart familiar with loss is able to recognize “ A still deeper grief.. a sadness at the very heart of things that bind us with the world. Without this awareness and willingness to be shaped by life, we remain caught in the adolescent strategies of avoidance and heroic striving.