“The only things that separate the person you are from the person you want to be, are the actions you take.”


Sober Coaching

Even though I’m called a “sober coach”, I am more of a recovery coach because just being clean & sober doesn’t mean you are working a program of recovery. The key to long term recovery is how deep the roots of recovery grow once the seed has been planted. Unfortunately many addicts leave residential treatment and put their focus on getting back all the things they have lost to their active addiction. Their jobs, money, prestige and family represent what is growing above the ground. They believe that getting back all they lost or getting the materialistic success they didn’t have will bring them peace, happiness and contentment but it doesn’t. What really matters is how deep the roots of recovery are below ground where no one can see. When these roots are shallow the storms of life will wash them away and the addict relapses. It doesn’t matter if the addict looks great, sounds great and is materialistically successful if their roots are shallow.


I work with my clients in two different ways.

The first way is working with clients that have never been to a residential treatment program or in a 12 step program. With these clients I usually recommend residential treatment for a minimum of 30 days. Being in this controlled environment gives them a time out from the insanity of active addiction. It protects them from the everyday pressures and stress of work, family and life in general. Addicts usually do well in this controlled environment where the seed of recovery is planted, it is when they leave residential treatment that they begin to struggle with the stress and pressures of life. Once they leave treatment they again have the opportunity and the availability to start using again. This is the reality that the addict and family must face. The roots of recovery do not grow deeply in in a protected and controlled environment where drugs and alcohol are not available. The best a treatment program can do is getting an addict clean & sober; it does not help the addict STAY clean & sober. the soil in treatment is not the same soil as recovery.

Sober Coaching is the bridge connecting the residential treatment program to staying clean and sober.


A good residential treatment program gives their clients the positive experience of living clean and sober away from their families and responsibilities while they work on their recovery. Once the client returns to their family and home environment they must face the challenges and the triggers that did not exist in the residential setting. This is the time where a Sober Coach is invaluable in helping the client navigate these challenges and to grow deep strong roots in recovery.

A Sober Coach is a recovery professional who gives hope to the addict and their family. A Sober coach works with them on a close personal one to one basis offering them guidance, support, solutions and new insights. He teaches them what to do in order to grow their roots deep in their recovery and STAY clean & sober. He helps awaken their spirit of willingness and honesty which is an essential part of recovery. He spends time working with the family, helping them recognize how addiction has affected their lives as well and to help them with their own recovery. He works with his client to break down the barriers to recovery and helps them recognize the signs & triggers that set the relapse cycle in motion. He helps them build a strong connection to the recovery community and other resources that are available to address the individual struggles the client may have.

The second way I work is with clients that have already been either to residential treatment or have been in recovery and have relapsed. With these clients I do not send them back to residential treatment for they already have the seed of recovery planted in them. With these clients I work one on one while they are in a recovery house, going to meetings every day and showing them the actions they need to take that will focus on growing their roots deep in recovery. You must always remember that when the storms of life come it is only the roots that keep the plant in the ground otherwise it will wash away and the addict relapses.

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