The mortal enemy of a loving family is active addiction because it robs us of the ability to feel the heartache we are putting our loved ones through.

We might feel that heartache at times but we are too focused on feeding our addiction to do anything about it. The worse part of addiction is the extreme selfishness that is at the core of addiction. The selfishness when a Father leaves his infant son in a car alone while he goes to buy drugs and get high. The selfishness a Mother can be in while she drives under the influence while her children are in the car. The selfishness of your parents suffering every day and night because you are out there using and don’t care about how they feel. The selfishness that can let your Wife and children be alone and crying because you’re not home and you’re out there loaded not thinking or caring about your family. The selfishness of stealing from your Grandmother the diamond ring your Grandfather gave her over 50 years ago. The money you steal from hard working family members who love you and forgive you over and over again. The list of selfishness goes on and on and on.

How can a person live with themselves knowing the damage they are doing to the ones who love them the most? They can’t so they numb themselves as much as they can to get through another day of their addiction.This life can go on for years until the addict finds recovery or dies, there are no other options.