There is an answer for those of you who struggle with addiction or abuse problems. The answer is a life of recovery with other people who have overcome their addiction struggles. The addiction slave master wants you to believe that recovery won’t work for you so why try. This salve master of addiction will tell you to feed it no matter how much you want to stop. When you cry “I want to be a good Father/Mother for my children”, the slave master will tell you in your own voice; “  It’s more important for you to get loaded than be that good parent”, and like a good slave you will feed it again and again so you don’t have to feel. When you finally cry out; “I’m killing myself, please I want to stop”, the slave master will say; “I don’t care whether you live or die but as long as you’re breathing, feed me”, and like a good slave you feed it again and again. Recovery will help you break those chains of slavery; it will free you at last. The truth is that this recovery doesn’t come and find you; it is you that must go and find recovery. Where do I go to find this recovery? The answer is simple; you go to the rooms of recovery, they’re waiting for you to walk in and ask for help.