I just finished watching two reruns of my Intervention shows on A&E and I felt sad because both of these young people did not stay clean & sober once they left Treatment. The best that residential treatment can do for an addict is to give them a space of time where they are not getting high so they can get some of their health back and not have their thinking altered with drugs or alcohol. Treatment programs cannot keep the addict clean & sober once they leave, this is a truth that no one can deny. When they leave treatment they look better, sound better and seem to be on the road of recovery but unless they do the hard work once they return home, that road becomes a dead end. It is the post treatment work that keeps us clean & sober. It is going to meetings with other recovering addicts/alcoholics that keep us clean & sober. It is the daily practice of recovery that keeps us clean & sober. It’s helping another addict/alcoholic get one more day clean & sober. It is accepting that I am an addict/alcoholic and I will always be vulnerable and powerless when it comes to the disease of addiction.

I have been clean & sober many years because of my daily practice of recovery without any excuses. I love my life in recovery, I’m proud to say I still work the program of recovery and I’m the most blessed guy in the world to be free from the slavery of addiction but the price I have to pay for my freedom is my daily practice of recovery. Otherwise I become a slave once again.