After my meditation and prayer the most important action I take is to pick up trash every day, sometimes as much as 50 times a day. It is the simplest act of selflessness to pick up trash left by someone else. There are people who can throw away a large McDonald’s bag and a big gulp cup and not even notice it because they are obsessed with self, don’t care or too lazy to walk over to a receptacle. By picking up someone’s trash I learn to get out of self and become aware of my surroundings. By picking up this trash outside of me I learn to be aware of and to clean up the trash (shortcomings/ character defects) inside of me. Just as there is more trash thrown away every day, there are more shortcomings/character defects that pop up every day in my life. If I’m not aware of the trash outside of me, I will never pick it up. If I’m not aware of my problems I will never find a solution to them. There are people who learn to live with trash, both outside and inside of themselves. I choose not to so I will continue to pick up trash every day of my life.