To follow up on my previous blog about what Aesop knew those many years ago about “When all is said and done, more is said than done.” I ended it with “Now you know the truth as well, what are you going to do about it?” I found that in order to apply the knowledge I have in regard to changing something in my life whether it is addiction to drugs/alcohol, smoking, food, gambling, sex etc. or wanting to lose weight or exercise more or just change something in me, the answer is P then P. you ask yourself what is P then P? P then P means priority then practice.  Having that priority gives you the willingness and desire to commit to a daily practice that is essential in making any change in your actions, behavior and in yourself. Acquired knowledge never changes anything, it is only in wisdom that we are able to apply the lessons we learned in life.

How do great musicians become great musicians? Priority then Practice.  How do great athletes become great athletes? Priority then Practice. Why do we refer to a doctor as having a medical practice? What does the musician, athlete, doctor or someone who changes something in themselves have in common? It is their priority to be proficient at what they want to accomplish which gives them the wisdom, willingness and the commitment to practice then practice then practice more.

The definition of priority is; Taking precedence logically or in importance. Definition of practice are; Systematic exercise for proficiency – Habit – The exercise of a profession. Why would it be different for anyone else who wants to be proficient at anything? Lose weight? Practice eating healthier – practice going to the gym – practice a daily cardio workout. Staying clean & sober? Practice going to meetings – practice working the program – practice daily meditation – practice being of service to others. Wanting to change negative behavior? Practice Meditation – practice awareness and mindfulness – practice not being the center of the universe.

Priority is the key and practice will open the door.