Addiction to anything that is harmful to your health, spirit, thinking and your family is something we must all be aware of. The obvious addictions are to Alcohol, drugs, Cigarettes, food, Gambling, sex; the list goes on. I want to say a few words about “Non addictive Marijuana”.

I was addicted to smoking Pot every day for 22 years. Every action I took, every experience I had was fueled by Pot. Chinese food tasted better, my stories were funnier, I was a better dancer, movies exploded from the screen, music touched my very soul. Everything was magnified to a brilliant color, why would I ever want to stop? After many years my wife grew tired of me sneaking off to take a poke, walking down the street ducking in the doorways of closed stores so I could refuel. I told her that it’s just pot, no big deal, I could stop whenever I wanted to. One day I decided not to smoke for one week, that decision lasted 3 hours. No matter how hard I tried not to smoke pot, I always failed. One day the realization came to me; trying to stop smoking pot was exactly the same as trying to stop using heroin. I was a slave once again to my addiction.

I haven’t smoked pot for many years and Chinese food is still fantastic. I’m still a funny guy. I’m a pretty good dancer now. I still love movies and music means the world to me. I have taken off my pot goggles and I see the world and myself clearly now and it’s just fine with me. I now realize that addiction is the greatest liar of them all.