The book of your own life.

We all write our own story that has brought us to this chapter in our lives. Each day is another page we write, no one else can write a happy ending for us. Today is a new page, be aware and be careful of what you write.

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I was leaving a meeting recently when a new comer with 28 days came up to me and thanked me for sharing. He was an older man about my age and he proceeded to tell me now that he is clean & sober he has to figure this all out. I laughed and he […]

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The shit has hit the fan

Very often we hear people lament “the shit has hit the fan” and it happens to all of us. Something unexpected happens for no reason and we cry out “the shit has hit the fan”. Our plans turn upside down, inside out in a second. Now this is life for everyone, shit happens, fan […]

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Picking up Trash

After my meditation and prayer the most important action I take is to pick up trash every day, sometimes as much as 50 times a day. It is the simplest act of selflessness to pick up trash left by someone else. There are people who can throw away a large McDonald’s bag and a […]

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The soil of recovery

There is a big difference between the life you are given in residential treatment and the life you lead once you leave.

Imagine the addict is a big talking plant and in their active addiction they have become withered, shriveled up with all their flowers dying. When this same plant leaves residential treatment it […]

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The addict who wants help gets it.

The heartache and hopelessness that addiction brings upon families cannot be expressed in words, only in tears. It is a feeling of being lost and believing there is nowhere to turn for help. Over and over again promises are made to only be broken again and again. Going to treatment over and over again […]

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The Roller Coaster

Being clean & sober and being in recovery are two very different things. Imagine being clean & sober is a Roller Coaster, exciting, fun and scary at the same time. Now imagine being on that Roller coaster with no bar across your lap or no shoulder harness to keep you from being violently thrown […]

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Pitch black future

Who in their right mind would want to live in a pitch black world where you can’t even see your own hands? Where you are so afraid of moving because you can’t see where you’re going?

Terrified to take the next step in fear of stepping off a cliff, falling into a deep hole or […]

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There is an answer for those of you who struggle with addiction or abuse problems. The answer is a life of recovery with other people who have overcome their addiction struggles. The addiction slave master wants you to believe that recovery won’t work for you so why try. This salve master of addiction will […]

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Emotional Fitness


We put great importance on our financial fitness believing that financial security translates to a satisfied contented life. Gym membership has grown significantly over the years because of people’s desire to get physically fit to increase their muscles. Where do we go and what do we do to build up our emotional fitness? Do […]

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