“You will always have to live with yourself, and it is to your best interest to see that you have good company.”



About Seth

I was born in Queens, New York to an honest hard working Dad and the best Mom a boy could ever wish for. In spite of this solid loving family I started acting out at a young age, always being attracted to the anti-social type person and behavior. This led to drinking and using drugs at an age when I should have been focusing on school. Instead, I went from using drugs to abusing them, which in turn got me thrown out of junior high school as well as High School in my sophomore year. From there it went downhill quickly, graduating from one drug to another until at seventeen years old I started using heroin. This was followed by many years of pain, heartache and tears for me as well as for my family. To this day I still regret all the heartache and tears my Mom had to endure because of my addiction. She believed if she loved me enough and gave me enough chances, I would change but she was enabling me and she never knew it.

When I could take it no longer I went to a residential treatment program upstate New York for two years. I never used heroin again but started drinking and smoking marijuana after graduating the program. I believed that if I stopped using heroin then everything would be great but all I did was go from one drug to another. I finally realized that drugs were not my problem, they were the solution to my problem and the problem was me. I finally found my way into the rooms of recovery and have been clean & sober ever since. Once an addict finds their way out of addiction they are given the opportunity to redeem themselves in their own eyes and the freedom to follow their dreams.

Seth is a Cancer survivor who meditates, exercises and picks up trash every day. Being a sober coach has given Seth the chance to help people change their lives.  He was also a working actor for many years.


Recovery work experience:

Residential Staff Counselor: *Daytop Village, Parksville, New York.

Senior Staff: *Phoenix House, Harts Island, New York

*Daytop Village and Phoenix House are two of the oldest residential Drug & Alcohol treatment programs in the country today.

Assistant Director: Woodside Center – Queens, New York –

*The Woodside Center was an outpatient program specializing in Drug & Alcohol abuse, group therapy and family counseling.

Field Director: National Institute on Drug Abuse research grant studying the long term effectiveness of the residential treatment programs.

Director: Amity House – Tucson Arizona.

*Amity House was a long term Residential treatment program where I oversaw staff, group therapy and all phases of the residential treatment.

Addiction specialist (A Dr. Oz expert on addiction & recovery)

Interventionist (A&E show “Intervention”)

Sober Coach (A&E show “Relapse- The Sober Coach Chronicles”)

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