Dreams come true

Now that we’re clean & sober we realize that this isn’t the finish but just the start of our journey. It doesn’t make us heroes just because we stopped breaking the hearts of those that love us. We not only rebuild the damage we have caused but we take it a step further and […]

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There is no difference

There is no difference between a functioning alcoholic who is very successful and a heroin addict who begs on the street for their next fix. They are both slaves to their addiction, unable to stop drinking and using. A slave in a penthouse is still a slave. Don’t fool yourself in thinking that you’re […]

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The nature of Man

A man sat alone and crying in the middle of a jungle while a Gorilla, a Lion, a Cheetah, a snake and a wise old Owl gathered around him. “Why are you crying” asked the Gorilla, the man answered “I’m not happy because I am weak”. The Gorilla said “I will give you my […]

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Sitting Still

How do I apply the wisdom I know to be true in my every day life? How can I believe in all of this wisdom and truth and still not change? How can I translate these words of wisdom that I believe in into my daily actions? The answer I have found for myself […]

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The choice is mine.

The are two distinct differences between what is going on in this world and what is going on with me. It is very important for me to understand that. I’m powerless over this crazy world and all the people in it, the best I can do is not to contribute to this craziness and […]

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Hope is the best of all things

Active addiction robs us of one of our most valuable resources which is to have hope in our lives. We all need hope in order for us to keep believing that our lives can change from the depths of the misery of active addiction to the freedom of recovery. With hope we can discover […]

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The book of your own life.

We all write our own story that has brought us to this chapter in our lives. Each day is another page we write, no one else can write a happy ending for us. Today is a new page, be aware and be careful of what you write.

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I was leaving a meeting recently when a new comer with 28 days came up to me and thanked me for sharing. He was an older man about my age and he proceeded to tell me now that he is clean & sober he has to figure this all out. I laughed and he […]

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