There is an answer for those of you who struggle with addiction or abuse problems. The answer is a life of recovery with other people who have overcome their addiction struggles. The addiction slave master wants you to believe that recovery won’t work for you so why try. This salve master of addiction will […]

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Emotional Fitness


We put great importance on our financial fitness believing that financial security translates to a satisfied contented life. Gym membership has grown significantly over the years because of people’s desire to get physically fit to increase their muscles. Where do we go and what do we do to build up our emotional fitness? Do […]

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Selfishness of addiction


The mortal enemy of a loving family is active addiction because it robs us of the ability to feel the heartache we are putting our loved ones through.

We might feel that heartache at times but we are too focused on feeding our addiction to do anything about it. The worse part of addiction […]

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