Unresolved childhood pain, loneliness and heartache.



I was at a recent memorial for a good friend of mine who passed away this month. He had an equal measure of charm, nastiness, love, anger and true caring for others. He was an addict in recovery who had Cancer and got addicted to opiates once again and started to push us away […]

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No longer running away.

It’s not life I try to escape from, it’s the pain in my life I sometimes run away from but knowing that if I stop and face my pain I don’t have to run away any more. I abused drugs for many years trying to get away because I didn’t have the wisdom or recovery […]

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Post Intervention


 I just finished watching two reruns of my Intervention shows on A&E and I felt sad because both of these young people did not stay clean & sober once they left Treatment. The best that residential treatment can do for an addict is to give them a space of time where they are not […]

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