“No one can go back and make a brand new start, but anyone can start right now and make a brand new ending.”



DSC_0147_2Seth is a nationally recognized  sober coach and Interventionist based out of the Los Angeles area who personally works with every client. Seth’s experience as a director of residential treatment in Tucson Arizona, asst. director at the Woodside community Center in N.Y.C. specializing in addiction and family group therapy and working as a field director for the National Institute on Drug Abuse has made him an exceptional sober coach who works with his clients to help them face their addiction and all the problems and heartache their addiction created. Being a sober coach is the most rewarding job I’ve ever had, period.

Seth was one of the featured  Sober Coaches on the A&E 5 part series “Relapse: The Sober Coach Chronicles.” as well as one of the featured Interventionists on the critically acclaimed A&E show “Intervention” . He is also a Dr. Oz expert on addiction & recovery.

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Dr. Oz expert on addiction & recovery.

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Seth is a N.Y.C. native who travels throughout the country working with clients.

 About Addiction:

There are many roads that lead to addiction. The most common one is when we first experiment getting high with our friends; it immediately takes away our fears and feelings of inadequacy and is all fun and good times but when our using starts to become habitual, the fun, good times and friends start to fade away as we become slaves to our addiction. As the pain, guilt and shame become greater, the need to use more and more becomes stronger until we reach that point where using doesn’t work as it once did. In spite of this, we continue to use because our addiction demands to be fed. When we cry out ” I want to stop using and hurting my family”. Our addiction laughs, “I don’t care about you or your family, just feed me” and like the obedient slave we are, we feed it. We will do anything, hurting our families and loved ones to feed our addiction and to escape from our feelings. This vicious cycle creates a life of suffering for us, our family and loved ones.

The life of addiction is a slow lonely death. The spirit dies first, followed by the mind and finally the body. This slow death brings heartache, hopelessness and tears to those we love and to those who love us. It cannot be fixed nor cured by good intentions, material success or by an intellectual understanding of addiction

Addiction will make you believe that you’re in control and you can stop using if you really wanted to or it tells you that you can’t and that there is no hope. It will tell you that recovery will never work for you. A Sober Coach will help you see that Addiction is a liar.

About Recovery:

When the drugs and alcohol are taken away from an addict it leaves a vacuum which abstention from using does not fill. We often try to fill this vacuum by substituting one addiction for another; but it never fixes anything. This feeling of uneasiness will continue to exist until that vacuum is filled with recovery, a healing and awakening of the spirit.

When most addicts first get clean & sober they put all their energy and focus on getting back those relationships and the materialistic things they lost or they focus on getting all those things that they never had. This is what I refer to as the flower above the ground, what makes this flower (addict’s life) look good is the career they have, the home they live in, the money in the bank, the car they drive, the muscles and the shapely figures they work so hard at the gym for, etc. They focus on this because this is the flower (addict’s life) everyone can see above the ground but when the storms of life come and they come to all of us, it is not the flower but the roots of recovery that keeps the flower in the ground, otherwise the flower washes away and the addict relapses.

A Sober Coach will help any Addict if they have the desire to stay clean & sober above all else and the willingness and honesty to do whatever it takes to have a life of Recovery.


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